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For fast, reliable service at competitive rates, FedEx delivers! Klines / Wrap-It-Up is an officially recognized FedEx Authorized ShipCenter and as such provides convenient access to FedEx Ground®, FedEx Express® and FedEx International products and service. As one of the world’s most-recognized brands, FedEx delivers your shipments to almost any address in the US and to millions of addresses in over 200 countries worldwide.

Klines / Wrap-It-Up schedules daily FedEx pick-ups so you can be certain your shipments receive the fast and efficient service you’ve come to expect from the FedEx brand.

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When It Comes To Shipping via FedEx In Nacogdoches, TX, Klines / Wrap-It-Up Is Your Go-To Source for shipping...

Don’t forget, here at Klines / Wrap-It-Up we are packaging and shipping experts—bring us your delicate, valuable, time-sensitive and sentimental items. We have shipping boxes for virtually anything, and we’ll pack it with TLC to make sure it arrives in perfect condition.